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One of the most important things to a person’s physical fitness, is their eating habits. You can workout until the cows come home, but if you are not eating right it is like swimming up stream against the current.
     Exercise, plus a well balanced diet can do the trick for most people. You do a few exercises, and just can’t seem to loose the weight you were looking for, or you bulk-up like you preferred. The key there could be your metabolism. Is it fast or slow?
     A fast metabolism means that you burn energy much quicker than the body can store it. This can be good, but not to the extreme. For example, I need 5000 calories per day just to stay at the weight and body composition that I am at right now. Exercise can help you maintain a good metabolism, which will give you the ability to enjoy life to its fullest and not worry about gaining any weight.
     A slow metabolism is what you don’t want. A slow metabolism tells me that either you have tried, thru dieting, to control your eating or, thru heredity, you have acquired this curse. Exercise in this case is good because this can cause your metabolism to speed up; as the body requires more energy than it was getting previously.
     Parker's Place believes in supplementing your diet with vitamins. Parker's Place does not believe in faddy diets. Parker's Place believes that all they do is give you a yo-yo effect that in the end will cause you to balloon in weight. You may loose 15 pounds this month but if you go off that diet, you will gain 20 pounds back.
What should your diet really consist of?

  1. A healthy breakfast. This consists of maybe some cereal, toast, fruit, coffee or tea, or maybe some eggs or pancakes or waffles. All this in some combination. (Please note, that I am not saying to have all of this in one sitting, let’s be real now, maybe you have pancakes today and eggs tomorrow. I know how important your time is and how little you have).
  2. A mid-morning snack. This could consist of protein bars or fruit. But something healthy that will give you the energy to continue on your day.
  3. A good lunch. This should be the best meal of the day for you. However remember moderation. Let me define moderation for you; take the portions that you get at restaurants and cut it in half, this is what I am talking about.
  4. A mid-day snack. Just at around 2-3pm your body may begin to experience a slowing down of energy. Take out that fruit or energy bar. This may give you the energy to get thru the rest of your day.
  5. A moderate dinner. Here is where people really mess up. Your dinner should consist of your poultry or beef with a salad and/or vegetables. NO STARCHY FOODS. The body will only turn that starch into sugar and store it for another day (hint,hint). NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, eat your dinner and then go right to bed. You need to give your food time to digest 2 hours.




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